Beacons Module


The Beacons Module enables Titanium developers to build apps that
communicate with beacons. The module currently supports iBeacon
compatible beacons such as Estimotes and provides all of the same beacon
specific support as our other highly rated Bluetooth Low Energy products
for each platform available in the marketplace now. This product
includes the modules for both Android and iOS in one product.

Note: Beacons refer to devices that are using Bluetooth Low Energy
(“BLE”) technology. The mobile app devices that support BLE is
limited to newer devices.

Note: This product is packaged to be different than our other more broad
based BLE and platform specific products. It is a lower cost single
product alternative for multiple platforms. This module does not
provide access to regular non beacon specific BLE capabilities. If you
need support for general BLE communications you can use our other
modules available in the marketplace. All products will be maintained
and supported together.