Bluetooth LE Android Module


*Now with support for iBeacons.* This module brings device to device communications over the device’s Bluetooth LE transceiver to the Titanium app developer. Titanium apps can now leverage this new functionality available in Android 4.3.

Update: Version 1.1.0 introduces beacon support. This feature set update provides the functions & events needed for iBeacons and compatible BT LE beacons such as Estimotes.

Note: Android devices that have the BT LE capability include Nexus 4 & 7 and Samsung Galaxy S4

The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol is different than the Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth High Speed protocols.

Note: Android only implemented the central role in their SDK for their first release of BT LE therefore the other device can only be a peripheral. iOS implements both central and peripheral roles in their SDK.

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